Gemini.H is a French self-taught artist who has been living in Korea for  5 years and who is now back to France.

She graduated in fashion design and her passion for art and history led her to start a career in illustration and fine art.

Largely inspired by an art movement called “ART NOUVEAU” (popular between 1890-1910), this style can be found in paintings, fabric design, interior design, architecture. Gemini.H spent most of her life in the French countryside and likes to integrate floral ornaments in her work and experiment with different mediums and techniques just as “ART NOUVEAU” artists did in the past.

In the portraits she paint she loves to show women’s beauty regardless of the ethnicity or body shape, playing with traditional costumes inspired by European and Asian culture

Gemini.H is an explorer and traveler. It was after her trip to a native reservation in Canada that she decided her work should not be led by any kind of trends but be a vision of her soul. Her work has usually a “nostalgic" feeling that can be explained by her love for history, costume and tradition.

In her desire to develop different kind of artworks, Gemini.H has been practicing with different mediums and keeps spending lots of time to improve her knowledge by reading or taking online classes taught by famous contemporary artists in different fields ( including oil painting, storyboarding, character design, animation, and more)

Because "it's never a waste of time to take your time" she is nowadays working on a different working process in order to share more inspiring and unique artworks.