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Born in France, in the Norman countryside, Gemini.H was introduced at a very young age by her teachers to crafts and art techniques. Encouraged by her parents, this interest grew up quickly into a passion.

During a time free of internet the young child spent many hours on her mother’s side gardening and crafting which developed in her an appetite for different hobbies and a strong creativity.

When she was student she had the opportunity to work few weeks in a company in the Mohawk nation territory of Kahnawake in Canada. This meeting with the designer Tammy Beauvais gave her a taste for traveling and renew with the desire to learn about different cultures, legends, the importance of stories to share and the need to trust herself.

Since she graduated from fashion design school in Lyon (France) in 2008 and after living five years in Seoul (South Korea) Gemini.H focuses on her artistic career. It started with private commissions then expanded to freelance illustration work. First for Australian accessories brand “Deer Arrow”. Her knowledge in fashion design and her interest for antique and vintage aesthetic allowed her to create cover page for clothes pattern and to illustrate a sewing book for American designer Gretchen Hirsch.

After she came back to France in 2018, the artist decided to use her versatility and knowledges in different crafts to affirm her creative choices.

Always resourceful it’s from her personal observations and by composing with what surrounds her that she uses visual arts such as painting, illustration, sculpture, textile art to tell simple stories with a touch of nostalgia.

The artist likes to dive into her researches and experimentations before to start her artworks.

Gemini.H pieces of art have been exhibited during solo and group shows in galleries in Seoul and USA and her more recent works have been shortlisted for online collective exhibitions by the uk based King house gallery and VAA (visual artists association)


During her city life in South Korea she missed a lot nature and that’s the main reason why today it’s what inspires her the most, as visual reference and as medium.

From paper making with paper waste, to botanical dyeing, from weaving to fine art painting, contemporary embroidery to illustration, Gemini.H lets the medium lead her artistic decisions and the stories to share.









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